SM: You've been singing for most of your life; what draws you to performing?

BS: I love entertaining! Just being out there in front of people and seeing them having a good time while I'm doing what I love to do is amazing.

I want everyone to have a fun and enjoyable time at my shows. I believe it is my job to give people a getaway from whatever problems they have in their life and for the amount of time I'm on stage to just relax and have a great time.

SM: What has been the high point of your career thus far?

BS: It would have to be receiving the National Youth Volunteer of the Year Award for singing to residents at a local nursing home every month. I'm a people person and being able to help someone through my music is such an amazing feeling!

SM: The music business is a tough place to break into. Do you think that creativity can be fulfilling even if you don't have huge commercial success?

BS: I'm 16 years old and have already accomplished so much. I get to do so many things that most teenagers do not get to do and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love. I'm moving one step at a time and I'm very happy with all I've accomplished and I hope to do much much more.

SM: Do you have any particular settings, situations or conditions that help you get inspired to write or record?

BS: I use what happens to me in life as inspiration for my writing. By pulling ideas from things I have experienced, it's easier to put 100% of me into every song. For writing and recording, I always have to get a good nights sleep and a bag of Skittles. Recording is a tiring process and it's very important to keep my energy up. Plus, Skittles have to be the best candy on the face of the Earth.

SM: We hear a lot about bullying in the headlines, but high schoolers like yourself aren't heard as often as leaders of movements reflecting on their own youth. What behaviors do you witness personally, and what do you think is the best method to combat bullying?

BS: A big thing at my high school is gossip and name-calling. I think the way to stop it is by sticking up for the people being talked about and made fun of. It is so easy to see someone being bullied and just walk away. If we would stand up for those being bullied, there wouldn't be a problem.

SM: A lot of attention in regards to bullying, especially in the last year, has been focused on LGBT teens especially with Dan Savage and It Gets Better. Do you think the media is too focused on this one aspect and is overlooking other teens affected by bullies?

BS: I believe all bullying deserves attention, regardless of what it's over. We all have differences and those differences are what make us individual. Our differences certainly don't warrant that type of negative behavior. The more attention that the issue of bullying can receive, the faster we can solve it and teach kids that we are all different and there is nothing wrong with that.